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PS Labeling Equipment Sleeving Equipment

Label Machine

More than just a label printer, a Label Machine attaches the label at speeds faster than the eye can register. Commercially used in industrial and manufacturing environments, a label machine quickly and efficiently attaches product and shipping information to products and packages.

3138-N RFID label Applicator equipment 8500_L Shrink Sleeve Applicator Machine Model IL6000Oblong custom label Applicator

Industrial labeling machines generally fit into these general categories:

  1. Custom Systems - Designed to fit specific production processing needs, custom labeling systems are built using innovative labeling technology to create one-of-a-kind labelers.
  2. Labeling Systems - Versatile solutions to labeling bottles and packages, using rotary and inline labeling systems. These systems offer years of reliable service and can be optimized with the labeling applicator most suited to the task.
  3. Primary Applicators - Responsible for attaching the label to the product or package, applicators use a variety of methods to achieve accuracy and speed. Applicators are available as air-blow, wipe-on, tamp-blow, and dual action tamp.
  4. Print & Apply - As the name implies, the print & apply print applicators print the label then apply it to the product. Designed for rugged use print applicators work with O.E.M print engines.
  5. RFID Labeling Solutions - Applying security tags to products with accuracy, while ensuring functionality. RFID printer applicators can now apply thermal/direct transfer tags conforming to packaging corners.
  6. Sleeving Equipment - Shrink sleeve labelers solve the problem of labeling oddly shaped containers. They are also used to apply the tamper-evident cap covers which product food, beverage and medical supplies.

Label Machine Uses

Label printer machines, print the label before attaching it to the product or package. Self adhesive labels are available in both pre-printed and ready to print varieties. Label system machines are used to attach security tags, address labels, RFID tags, heat shrink or sleeve labels. They can apply glue, or lift a self-adhesive label from its backing. Some machines are capable of printing directly on to the package in a process known as thermal transfer or direct transfer. Plastic, cardboard or glass; square, rectangle or round; unique or standard; the labeling system has to fit the production needs of the client.


The label machine is an integral system in the industrial and manufacturing product handling process. Commercial labeling systems need to be versatile and work with other OEM equipment, such as conveyors, and printers. Versatility, speed, and low maintenance demands keep production costs down.

Label-Aire builds custom labelers which are flexible enough to suit their customers current needs as well as satisfy future changes. Built in the U.S.A., Label-Aire labelers provide fast, effective labeling solutions which are easy to use.

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Label-Aire: Leaders in Labeling Systems & Labeling Equipment

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