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PS Labeling Equipment Sleeve Applicator Equipment

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PS Labeling Equipment Sleeving Equipment

Print & Apply

Print & Apply is a broad term used to describe print applicators which print and apply labels in commercial, industrial, and manufacturing applications. Label-Aire is a leading print & apply equipment specialist in the U.S.A. Print applicators work with a variety of different application methods to fit all industrial and manufacturing needs; including stepper tamp, dual action tamp, wipe-on, or air-blow technology.

3138-NM Print & Apply label Applicator 3138-NM Print & Apply label Applicator Model 3038-ST Print & Apply label Applicator

Print & Apply Applicator Types

The stepper tamp print and apply machines allows for various sizes and shapes of products to be labeled on the same production conveyor line, minimizing costly delays and downtime.

Dual action tamp equipment is ideal for rapid application of multiple labels on to products and packaging. Designed to meet the unique needs of commercial, industrial and manufacturing clients with maximum efficiency. The heavy duty dual action air cylinder tamp rotates 90° across the conveyor to apply the first printed label. The second straight line stroke extends applying the second label onto the side panel.

The ability to print accurate up-to-date information and apply it, avoids maintaining large stocks of pre-printed labels to meet production needs, and eliminates the risk of labels becoming outdated. Wipe-on print applicators print the label and, after product is aligned on the conveyor, apply it. Wipe-on technology is fast, accurate, and versatile labeling method.

Print Apply label applicator machines can be fitted with additional equipment features such as power unwind, which allows for increased label roll capacity and is ideal for high-speed, heavy-duty, labeling applications.


Print applicator machines can be configured for use in applying printed security tags, or RFID tags. In addition to ink and carbon laser printed labels, thermal transfer now makes awkward packages a breeze to label. Thermal transfer, or direct transfer imprints and applies labels around any corner or two labels on adjacent panels utilizing a vacuumized drum.

Label-Aire has a complete line of rugged label applicators to fit all print & apply labeling needs. Our labeling machines are durable and offer maintenance free operation. Equipped for compatibility with most O.E.M. printers our label applicators offer maximum flexibility.

Contact a Label-Aire representative to discover the labeling system satisfies your labeling needs.

Inspect our collection of online videos to see Label-Aire print and apply machines at work. View demonstrations and examples of in-situ of our innovative labeling machines.

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