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RFID Labeler

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is an automatic tracking and identification method. Data is stored and retrieved via RFID tags (transponders) attached to the product. RFID labelers enable manufacturers to easily attach RFID tags to products in a fast and easy process without slowing down the production process. Also, tags can be uniquely programmed immediately before they are attached to the product.

RFID Labeler 3138-N_RFID Model 3138-N Model 2139

Instant Access
With an RFID label a product can be identified from several meters way. Tracking and managing inventory through the supply chain is now easier than ever before.

Whether the RFID label tag is passive or active the product attachment process is the same. The back of the label tag is coated with adhesive and attached to an easy peel backing substrate. A roll of the tags is threaded into the RFID labeler, with rollers applying tension to loops of labels to ensure flawless processing at speed. As the label passes into the labeler, the tag is encoded by special software to contain information on that product. A tag rejector mechanism checks the label to ensure it is properly encoded. The label advances to the application station, where it is applied using either Air-Blow, Tamp-Blow, Wipe-On, or Corner Wrap method. The labels can be printed, covered by another label, or left visible to the consumer.

Label-Aire's line of RFID primary applicators and printer applicators are designed with one goal in mind: To keep you ahead of your competition. Our RFID applicators come standard with such Label-Aire virtues as easy set-up, troubleshooting, change-over, rugged construction, and more reliable operation.

If you have a special RFID labeling need for your production process, we can build a labeling system to fulfill it. The versatility of our rotary and inline applicator systems provides a cost effective RFID Labeling solution to labeling needs, while our quality ensures years of reliable labeling service with minimal maintenance. To discuss your security tag and Radio-frequency identification (RFID) labeling needs, contact us.

Videos of Label-Aire's popular labeling applicators are available on YouTube at the Label-Aire Channel, where you will also find videos of our latest labeling equipment.

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