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Home > Catalog > Custom Systems > Inline Series 6000 4-Panel Labeling System

Inline Series 6000 4-Panel Labeling System
Item: IL60004panel

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Inline Series 6000 4-Panel Labeling System
Item: IL60004panel

The Challenge

A leading fertilizer company required a system to accurately apply pressure-sensitive labels to its full line of plant fertilizer containers. The labels are applied to two types of containers: Oval-shaped and round containers. They required a single labeling system that could wrap apply labels to its round containers (ranging from 15 ml to 1 gallon) and easily change over to apply a 4-panel label to its oval containers (ranging from 30 ml to 120 ml). Previously, the company was using two separate labelers from a competitor and experienced unsatisfactory results.

The Solution

Label-Aire's custom solution was to modify its proven Inline Series 6000 open-frame labeling system to accommodate two 3115 Wipe-On applicators on the same side of the conveyor. The labeling system includes a 12 foot conveyor, dual spacer wheels for product timing, an 80 inch top trap hold down, a swing tamp gate, a secondary pneumatic impressor, and a wrap belt. For 4-panel labeling, the label is dispensed directly across the tamp swing gate just as the oval container enters the top trap hold down. When the oval container passes through the swing gate, the leading edge of the container attaches itself to the label while the gates' rubber squeegee edges wipe down the sides of the container. The secondary pneumatic impressor arm pushes its wheel behind the rear of the container wiping down the label's trailing edge resulting in a clean and wrinkle-free 4-sided labeled product.

ANIMATION: Wipe On - How Does It Work?

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Inline Series 6000 4-Panel Labeling System
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