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Home > Catalog > Custom Systems > Inline 6000 Front/Back Zero Downtime Labeling System

Inline 6000 Front/Back Zero Downtime Labeling System
Item: IL6000zerofb

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Inline 6000 Front/Back Zero Downtime Labeling System
Item: IL6000zerofb

The Challenge

A Midwest manufacturer of plastic containers was charged by their customer to provide a front and back labeling system. In order to keep up with the manufacturer's demanding 24/7 production schedule, the Label-Aire Inline Series 6000 labeling system was the ideal choice.

The Solution

Label-Aire's immediate solution was to equip its versatile Inline Series 6000 labeling system with four rugged 3115 Wipe-On applicators in a Zero Downtime configuration. In the event of a low-label condition, the secondary pair of front/back label applicators continues to apply labels, thus preventing any stoppages in throughput. Label changes can be done during continuous runs. By utilizing the Inline 6000's inherent adaptability, Label-Aire easily provided a simple yet effective solution allowing the end user to maximize efficiency.

ANIMATION: Wipe On - How Does It Work?

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