Automated Print & Apply: Choosing The Right Automated Print Engine – To Match Or Not To Match (Part 4 of a 4 Part Series)

To Match Or Not To Match

Matching should be reserved for curtains and bedspreads or shoes and belts, but is not necessarily a good thing when it comes to selecting an print and apply print engine. Just because a particular brand of desktop thermal printer is already in use within an organization, it should not be the driving factor in determining the brand of print engine selected for an automated print and apply application. If a company has a fleet of Freightliner trucks for long distance hauling and decides to get involved in local deliveries, Freightliner is probably not the best choice for local delivery truck. Just like in the truck example, the use environment, duty cycles and needs for a print apply print engine are vastly different from those of a desktop thermal printer. Companies need to understand the differences in the application requirements and usage environments so they may select the best print engine manufacturer for the given application.

During the print and apply selection process, companies need to carefully consider the brand and model of print engine to specify, paying particular attention to the factors listed above, which may not be found on a printer’s specifications page. The technical specifications are, quite frankly, of no use if the printer isn’t operating. Adding the above criteria to the print engine selection process will ensure companies specify a print engine that meets not only the technical requirements of the application but also meets the operational needs of the organization.

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