Behind every Label-Aire product stands the industry’s most knowledgeable distributor network and service team, working to keep your line running. The Label-Aire Distributor.  Label-Aire’s Authorized Distributors are partners in our success. Be sure to look for the “Label-Aire Authorized Distributor” seal when looking for sales or service assistance on our labeling equipment.

This professional network of Label-Aire Distributors will help you select the most cost-effective system to meet any labeling need. These factory-trained sales professionals and service technicians are the primary source for installation, after-sale service, and spare parts purchases.

With convenient locations throughout the U.S. and worldwide, there is always a Label-Aire Distributor readily available to personally evaluate your requirements.

For all North American and non-European inquiries, please fill out our Info Request or Quote Request forms or call (714) 449-5155 to have a Label-Aire Authorized Distributor contact you as soon as possible.

For European inquiries only, please click here for our European office contact information.

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