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You need your products labeled precisely, swiftly, and dependably. Since the historic moon landing, we’ve been assisting our customers with exactly that. Allow our specialists to provide you with a tailored labeling solution.

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Labeling Systems

Pressure-sensitive labeling equipment, because of their inherent flexibility, continue to be the product decoration of choice by companies over sleeve, in mold or glue labels.

Primary Applicators

Label-Aire’s latest lineup of labeling applicators is engineered to simplify even the most challenging labeling tasks.

Print and Apply

Our comprehensive range of print and apply systems is engineered to handle demanding tasks with utmost efficiency.

Custom Systems

If your production process requires a tailored labeling solution, we are well-equipped to meet your needs with our full spectrum of cutting-edge labeling systems.

RFID Labeling Solutions

Label Aire is a recognized leader in the industry, renowned for our innovative RFID primary applicators.


Label-Aire provides an array of labeling machinery accessories designed to enhance your production line’s efficiency and reduce long-term costs.

Leading Labeling Systems and Labeling Equipment

Over fifty years ago, Label-Aire revolutionized the packaging industry by introducing a groundbreaking method for applying pressure-sensitive labels. Our patented “air-blow” technology allowed for faster, more accurate label application, and quickly became the preferred method by eliminating the need for additional product handling. This pioneering approach has since become fully established, fostering the expansive growth of pressure-sensitive labels across global markets, both existing and new.


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