Innovative Labeling Solutions For Over 50 Years

You want labels placed on your products accurately, quickly and reliably. We’ve been helping our customers with that since they first put a man on the moon. Let our experts help you with a custom labeling solution.

Built by pros and trusted by the best.

Our Collection

Labeling Systems

Top range open- and closed-frame product handling systems that are easy to operate while applying labels fast and efficiently in the toughest environments.

Primary Applicators

The most completely line of fast yet tough label applicators offered in air-blow, tamp-blow, or wipe-on configurations.

Print and Apply

Our rugged line of virtually maintenance-free printer applicators are compatible with most OEM print engines and come in a variety of configurations.

Custom Systems

For decades Label-Aire packaging experts have been developing custom labeling solutions for customers not matter the application.

RFID Labeling Solutions

Label-Aire RFID solutions are designed to keep you ahead of the competition thanks to easy set up and changeovers, rugged construction and more reliable operation.


Our extensive line of standard and custom applicator stands, accumulator/descrambling rotary turntables and high speed auto splice dual unwinders allows your Label-Aire machinery to run even faster and more efficiently.

Leading Labeling Systems and Labeling Equipment

Over 50 years ago, Label-Aire, manufacturer of labeling systems introduced a revolutionary new method for applying pressure-sensitive labels using labeling systems technology. The patented “air-blow” labeling systems concept provided the packaging industry with a preferred labeling equipment method of label application which eliminates the need for additional product handling via labeling systems & labeling equipment. This pioneering technique has gained complete acceptance and contributed to the widespread growth of pressure-sensitive labeling systems & labeling equipment in existing and new markets, worldwide.