About Us

Start of Something New
Over fifty years ago, Label-Aire introduced a revolutionary new method for applying pressure-sensitive labels. The patented “air-blow” concept provided the packaging industry with faster and more accurate labeling machines.  This new preferred method of label application eliminated the need for additional product handling. Our pioneering technique has gained complete acceptance.  The widespread growth of pressure-sensitive labels in existing and new markets worldwide  resulted.

Labeling Made Easy
When our customers asked for a labeling machine that was easy-to-use and production-tough, we took plenty of notes. Our advanced Primary Applicator line of labeling equipment delivers top-notch performance on even the most difficult applications. Our labeling systems and labeling equipment are loaded with features:  Making operating labeling systems simple and virtually maintenance-free, automatic setup, user-friendly control panel & display, stepper motor technology, and Zero Downtime labeling capabilities.  And it’s all backed by the industry’s most experienced and responsive labeling systems distributor network.

Focus On Innovation and Saving Customers Money
Since our inception, Label-Aire’s focus has always been on providing customers with the most inventive, intelligent, and reliable pressure-sensitive labeling machines. The result? Over 50 years of satisfied customers with lower operating costs and higher productivity than our competitors.

Our tradition of providing the easiest and most effective labeling solutions carries on today. No matter what your application, Label-Aire has the expertise to get the job done right – the first time. With our full line of quality pressure-sensitive labeling machinery, we are able to provide the industry’s broadest range of labeling solutions.  Our line of innovative labeling machines are simply very easy to use.

Where It All Starts
Label-Aire’s headquarters is an ultra-modern facility located in Fullerton, CA. It houses a professional, hard-working sales & marketing staff, dependable customer representatives, and a highly-skilled workforce of technicians and engineers using the most sophisticated and technically advanced equipment. Our dedicated employees design and manufacture the most reliable and innovative pressure-sensitive labeling machinery in the world.

Headquartered in Fullerton, California, Label-Aire, Inc. provides advanced and reliable pressure-sensitive labeling machinery to blue-chip firms the world over.

Label-Aire: Leaders in Labeling Systems & Labeling Equipment