Primary Applicators

Label-Aire’s latest lineup of labeling applicators is engineered to simplify even the most challenging labeling tasks. These applicators feature streamlined setup, effortless troubleshooting, and quick changeovers, alongside enhanced line speeds and dependable performance.

Our comprehensive range of labeling applicators is customizable to suit your specific speed, application, and budget needs. All models are equipped with stepper-driven technology, which means fewer parts that wear out, saving you money in the long run. Plus, for added flexibility, many of our pressure-sensitive labelers can easily switch between tamp-blow, wipe-on, or air-blow labeling methods.

3111-TS Air-Blow Primary Applicator

Our workhorse Air-Blow unit provides non-contact labeling all over the globe.

3114-TS Tamp-Blow Primary Applicator

3115-TS Wipe-On Primary Applicator

There’s nothing “standard” about our 3115 Wipe-On applicator. It’s built tough and is very easy to set up and use with a variety of options.

3125-TS Wipe-On Label Applicator

High labeling speeds and 24/7 operability make the 3125 Wipe-On one of our more popular units.

3135-TS Wipe-On Label Applicator

At 3500″ (almost 90M) of web per minute, the 3135 is one of our fastest merge applicators.

3015-ND Wipe-On Primary Applicator

Our most affordable Wipe-On Applicator still has traits that make it a Label-AIre. It’s still tough, efficient and easy to use!

3111-HS (High Speed) Air-Blow Label Applicator

The 3111 High Speed Air-Blow is our fastest blow-on applicator that can do up 1000 labels per minute!

3111/14 Electronic Article Surveillance Label Applicator

Our line of Electronic Article Surveillance applicators can be configured to apply either Checkpoint or Sensormatic security tags.

3114 Dual Action Tamp Label Applicator

Dual Action Tamp technology greatly increases the versatility of313 our 3114 line of applicators.

3411-HE Air-Blow Label Applicator

All Label-Aire machines are tough, but our Harsh Environment applicators take toughness to another level.

3139/15 Wipe-On Label Applicator

Got something really BIG to label? This is your applicator.

3155 Wipe-On Label Applicator

At up to 5,000″ (127 M) of label web per minute, the 3155 Wipe-On is the pinnacle of high-speed merge labeling technology.

3415-HE Wipe-On Label Applicator

All Label-Aire machines are tough, but our Harsh Environment applicators take toughness to another level.
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