Custom Systems

If your production process requires a tailored labeling solution, we are well-equipped to meet your needs with our full spectrum of cutting-edge labeling systems. Alternatively, we are adept at designing and constructing a labeling system that conforms precisely to your specific requirements. At Label-Aire, we employ state-of-the-art labeling techniques and leverage revolutionary products to develop unique, custom-designed systems. Globally, numerous Fortune 500 companies rely on Label-Aire for their specialized labeling needs, choosing us to design and implement custom labelers that integrate seamlessly into their operations. This trust underscores our reputation as a leader in providing innovative, customized labeling solutions that drive efficiency and effectiveness.

Vertical Trunnion Labeling System

Perfect for the high speed labeling of small diameter products such as vials.

3-Panel CD Case Labeling System

Showcasing our ability to serve niche markets, this system features a missing label eject system.

Inline 6000 Front/Back Zero Downtime Labeling System

Redundant front/back labeling heads ensure non-stop operation.

3115 Hugger Belt System

Wipe-on applies labels fast and accurately to the tops of water jug caps.

Hugger Belt System

For precise bottom labeling, look no further than our Hugger Belt System.

6115 With Orienting Wrap

Using the latest label sensor technology to accurately and consistently place wrap labels at the same location every time.

Inline 6000 Front/Back & Neck Labeling System

This versatile system places three different labels at three different locations at high speeds.

6114 Loose Loop Printer Applicator

This system print barcodes onto labels with easy adjustability for different products sizes.

3139/3115 Pallet Labeler

Accurately apply two separate pre-printed labels to very large items such as pallets.

3-Panel DVD Case Labeling System

Showcasing our ability to serve niche markets, this system applies security warning labels to threes sides of DVD cases.

Hugger Belt Clamshell Labeling System

This system uses hugger belt technology to place labels to the tops and bottoms of food clamshell containers.

Inline 6000 Wrap (Oblong & Round)

Need to wrap a label to an oddly-shaped product (such as a deodorant container)? This is your machine.

Inline Series 5100 Vacuum Wrap Front/Back Labeling System

Solving customers’ problems one machine at a time, this system wrap applies three labels to round glass bottles.

Inline Series 6000 4-Panel Labeling System

Got a container that needs multiple labels applied to it fast and accurately. Look no further.

Inline Series 6000 Zero Downtime Labeling System

This system features high speed non-stop wrap labeling that’s affordable.

Inline Series 6200 Front/Back Labeling System

This version of our venerable 6200 uses airfill technology to apply labels to thinly-walled containers.

3-Panel Hugger Belt System

This system apples labels to the front, top and back of jars accurately and efficiently.
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