Label-Aire provides an array of labeling machinery accessories designed to enhance your production line’s efficiency and reduce long-term costs. Our applicator base stands, crafted from top-quality carbon steel, are built to endure the harsh conditions of nearly any manufacturing environment.

Our innovative Non-Stop Dual Unwinder allows for the splicing of a new label roll onto your current setup, minimizing costly and time-consuming changeovers. Additionally, our patented Auto Splice Dual Unwinders are developed to significantly boost your productivity by reducing the need for frequent changeovers. These are available in either festoon or binbox configurations, catering to different operational needs.

The Label-Aire Non-Stop Dual Unwinder is specifically engineered to enhance productivity by eliminating the delays caused by label roll changeovers. Moreover, Label-Aire’s line of rotary turntables can significantly speed up a labeling system’s operations and increase efficiency by facilitating single-operator usage. These turntables can either unscramble or accumulate products; the unscrambling mode organizes bulk-loaded products into a single-file queue for the labeling system, while the accumulation mode allows the turntable to store multiple products until they are ready to be offloaded, packed, or moved to the next stage of the production line.

2700 T-Base Stand

Rugged, simple and affordable, our 2700 T-Base provides your applicator with mobility.

2700 T-Base With In/Out Traverse

An adjustable traverse provides added applicator placement.

Auto Splice Dual Unwinder (ASDU) With Binbox

Our most affordable Auto Splice Dual Undwinder.

Auto Splice Dual Unwinder (ASDU) With Festoon

Our high-end Auto Splice Dual Unwinder handles double the speed of our standard model.


The H design provides the most stability of any base stand.

H-Base Low-Boy

This model provides added stability and easier access.


This model provides the simplicity of our standard T-Base with increased access.

Non-Stop Dual Unwinder (NSDU)

Increases efficiency by eliminating time consuming label roll changes.

Rotary Turntable

Product unscrambling and/or product feeding efficiently and reliably with our Rotary Turntable.


Added flexibility and stability defines our U-Base models.


Designed for flexibility and mobility while providing even greater stability.

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