Decorative Labels

Product decorative labels are vital to a company’s marketing mix and ultimately, to its sales.  A well-executed and well-designed label helps a product stand out on crowded storeshelves.  Potential buyers are faced with difficult decisions daily at the retail level.  Simply put, an effective label is a product’s calling card in retail stores and could spell the difference between a successful product or a non-sale.

Effective Labels

So what constitutes an effective label on a product?  Besides being full of general information about the product, decorative labels obviously should include identity markers such as the company’s name and logo as well as the name of the specific product.  The product label coupled with a company’s non-retail branding efforts are vital to increasing product recall rates at the retail level.  Brands such as Apple, Pepsi, and Nike spend hundreds of millions of dollars promoting their brands through advertising and a plethora of other marketing tools specifically designed to get the consumer to ultimately get them into stores and find their product.  Without an effective label on a product in crowded storeshelves, all those marketing efforts would be for naught.  Effective labels are easy for the consumer to read, feature the company name, logo, and product name in an attention-getting and attractive layout.  It should reinforce the message from co-branding efforts that this is the product they need or want.

Other Functions

Effective labels have other functions besides being designed to stand out from competitors and attract buyers due to its cohesiveness with the total marketing mix.  The product label also provides vital іnfоrmаtіоn аbоut the рrоduсt such as product content or ingredients, product weight or volume, expiration dates, lot codes, barcodes, safety warnings, company background and address as well as direct contact information such as toll-free number, company web address and even an email address.  Other information often provided by product labels includes instructional use and proper storage information.


Something as simple as a label on a product could spell the difference between a successful product and increase company sales or quite the opposite.  So much is riding on that label.  Companies spend a large amount of time and money on building a promoting their brands through advertising and other marketing tools.  The decorative label plays a powerful role in marketing and should be given a great amount of attention as well.