Bottle Labeler Equipment

Bottle labeling equipment is designed to meet the unique challenges posed by bottles, jars, and cans due to their curved shape. Bottle labelers can manage a variety of different products to meet a producer’s labeling needs. Some labels are self sticking, others are applied using glue. Labels come in a variety of shapes and designs. For labels arranged front and back on the bottle, a bottle labeler with a duel feedscrew makes for rapid application of both labels.

Bottles travel on the conveyor to the application station, where the labels are applied. The precise sequence varies with manufacturer and label type. By rotating the bottle, the bottle labeler ensures firm attachment of the label.

Technology allows the finished label to be applied at any angle. Applying the labels is achieved by one of several methods. Tamp, Tamp-blow, or air-blow. As the name suggests, the tamp method of attachment involves a roller or similar devise pressing the printed label into position. The air-blow method uses a vacuum to hold the label ready to apply until the product passes by on the conveyor. The label is then blown onto the product. The tamp-blow method uses a combination of techniques, first blowing the label into position, then a secondary tamper presses the label securely into place.

Label-Aire’s versatile line of rotary and inline bottle labeler systems designed to be cost effective and provide you with years of reliable labeling. All labeling systems can be equipped with a choice of Label-Aire labeling applicators to suit your specific needs.

Label-Aire also provides a full range of rotary & inline systems, label applicators, printer applicators, and custom systems to meet your toughest labeling requirements. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

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