Food Labeling

Food labeling is a complex and important part of the food industry. Food labeling laws determine what has to be on the label, as well as what type of label is used on different products. Food labeling products

With the increasing demand for accurate food content labels and safety seals, manufacturers constantly require more adaptability from their labeling equipment. Whether an FDA-approved adhesive backed label, or a decorative design, the application of the label requires precision at speed. Limitations on how a container or cap can be positioned for the labeling process means innovative solutions must be applied to the process.

Conveyor or belt product handling system is designed to suit the manufacturer’s needs. Whether to carry a bottle cap, or to carry several different sizes of delicate boxed confectionery, selecting the correct transportation mechanism is essential to getting a perfect end result. The conveyor delivers the container to the label applicator station, spacing the products to allow for maximum efficiency. The food labeling process begins when the product arrives, pre-aligned on the applicator grid. The label is applied using one of several techniques, before continuing on its journey.

Label-Aire prides itself on its history of innovative food labeling techniques, revolutionary products, and one-of-a-kind systems to satisfy its customers.

If you have a special food labeling need for your production process, we can build a labeling system to fulfill it. Our versatile line of rotary and inline systems are designed to be cost effective and provide you with years of reliable labeling. All systems can be equipped with a choice of Label-Aire labeling applicators to suit your specific application. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.