High Speed Labeling

High Speed Labeling systems apply labels to products using one of several methods: wrap around, wipe-on, front and back concurrently. By synchronizing the label applicator with the product handling conveyor, the high speed labeling machine offers manufacturing and industrial users the flexibility they require while offering a low maintenance system with rapid changeover times and excellent accuracy

By integrating the latest technology into high speed labelers, the label applicator speed is increased along with the label application accuracy. High speed label application must be flexible enough to handle unique product shapes, while consistently applying the labels accurately and quickly. Sensors play an important role in accurate placement, insuring the label leaves the vacuum grid where it is held, at the precise instant the product is in position.

Tight labeling tolerances, oddly shaped products, rugged, dependable, and fast; these are the features demanded of labeling machines, especially in the high speed environment where labeling demands can reach 1000 labels per minute.