Labeling Equipment

Labeling equipment is an essential part of the modern production process, responsible for placing recognizable product labels on the objects people buy.

Labeling equipment is a broad term that describes machinery used to label and identify products. Labeling equipment embodies the singular need for product identification. It is essential and encompasses many different pieces of machinery, brought together to achieve the desired results

The Process
The first step in the labeling system, is the label. A printer allows for custom labeling and easy inventory control. Preprinted labels do away with the need for a printer, but require the maintenance of separate label stocks for each product. After the print process, the labels move on to the applicator. The type of applicator is determined by the labeling requirements. One or multiple labels, pressure sensitive, or glue on; vacuum applied or wipe-on; box, cylinder, or odd shape. The application methods are as varied as the production needs they must meet. The backing substrate of pressure sensitive labels is rewound on a take-up spindle for easy disposal.

Whatever the product, it travels on a conveyor system to the label application grid. On its journey, the product is guided gently into position and spaced from its companions so that it arrives at the application grid oriented and ready to receive its label. The applicator applies the label quickly and precisely, often faster than the eye can register. The product continues along the conveyor, and a new item takes its place on the application grid.

Labeling equipment designed for handling bottles and other cylindrical products, often employ a reverse-feed wrap belt designed to apply a full or partial wrap, or front and back labels in a single high speed pass.

Labeling equipment is designed to be modular on order to fit industry and manufacturing needs. Connected to a print engine, a labeler can print custom labels for addressing packages, or thousands of identical labels for products. Adjustable conveyors allow for different sizes of products to be processed using the same equipment.

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