Labeling Machines

Industrial labeling machines combine speed, accuracy and versatility to get the job done. Whether it is attractive labels on a wine bottle, or barcodes on a widget, labeling machines are a vital part of the production process.

Manufactured goods come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Despite the differences, the goods are labeled before being presented to the customer. A single manufacturer might have several different packaging needs, and each of these needs to be addressed by the labeling machine.

Versatility is accomplished by adjustable guides on the conveyor system, which moves the product to the labeling station; and movable print applicators. A customized labeling machine satisfies diverse production requirements, even though it uses standard components.

The components vary with the client’s needs. A conveyor system carries the product through the labeling process. As the product moves along, a series of plates gently maneuver the item into position, and correct alignment, while spacing it from its companions. Printer units allow for customized labels, and instantaneous production changes. Not all systems will use printers, instead relying on preprinted labels. At the application station, the aligned product is ready to be transformed from an anonymous object. Applicators, one or more, apply the labels onto the product by one of several methods. Each label is precisely positioned and wrinkle free.

From labeling, the product continues on to shipping or storage.

With a history of innovation, Label-Aire has been, and continues to be, on the cutting edge of labeling machine technology. Innovation has revolutionized product labeling, allowing for cost effective customization for one-of-a-kind labeling solutions in an array of different industrial and manufacturing applications.

The Label-Aire Channel on YouTube has videos of our latest labeling machines, as well as demonstrations and in-situ of our print and application equipment.

To learn more about Label-Aire’s innovative labeling machines and how they can solve your needs, contact a Label-Aire representative.