Pressure-Sensitive Labelers

Pressure-sensitive labelers are designed to handle self sticking labels with maximum efficiency and minimal waste. This type of label has an adhesive glue backing, which will adhere to most surfaces when applied.

Self sticking labels are fed from rolls into the labeler. The labels may be fed through a printer for customized labels. An air-blow applicator senses the label and retains it by vacuum on a honeycomb applicator grid. As the product passes under the vacuum grid, the label is blown onto the product. Sensors at the peel tip ensure there is no double labeling or missing labels, allowing for fast, accurate placement. Tampers, or brushes press the label firmly down for wrinkle-free label attachment. The label backing material is rewound for space efficient disposal.

A display on the labeler allows the operator to select the label size for different applications. A rewind mechanism recovers the scrap liner for easy disposal once the labels are applied. The labeler can be integrated into an existing system for impressive speeds and high accuracy; connecting to printers for custom label printing, and to conveyors which orient the packages and present them to the pressure-sensitive labeler in quick succession.

Pressure-sensitive labels fulfill many roles from UPC barcodes and expiration dates, to attractive product labels, pallet labels, and shipping labels. They come in many shapes and forms, and a pressure-sensitive labeler is capable of handling all of them, and place them in the correct position on the package regardless of shape.

Label-Aire’s versatile line of rotary and inline labeling systems are designed to be cost effective and provide you with years of reliable labeling. Label-Aire’s labeling systems are backed by our history of reliability, innovation and revolutionary labeling techniques. View animations of our label application methods and learn how each process works.\To view Label-Aire pressure sensitive labelers at work, visit the Label-Aire channel on YouTube where you will find a full range videos demonstrating our labeling equipment.