Printer Applicators

Printer Applicators print and apply labels to any package type, fulfilling a crucial role for industrial and commercial enterprise. Labels identify products, address packages, use by dates, batch numbers and UPC bar codes. Correct placement is important, and print applicators accomplish this repetitive task with quick efficiency.

The Process
Printer Applicators receive instructions from a computer to print a label. The label is printed using direct thermal printing, or thermal transfer printing. A conveyor system carries product and positions it onto the application grid, for the Printer Applicator. At the application grid the label is applied to the package by one of several techniques. The tamp method of attachment involves a roller or similar devise pressing the printed label into position. The air-blow method uses a vacuum to hold the label ready to apply until the product passes by; the label is then blown onto the product. The tamp-blow method uses a combination of techniques, first blowing the label into place, then a secondary tamper presses the label securely into place.

The Right Equipment
Correct placement of labels not only allow customers to identify products, but can affect purchasing decisions. Askew labels can negatively impact customer perceptions resulting in unsellable stock which retailers return to the manufacturer. Printer Applicators ensure precision application at high speeds for an attractive product.

Label-Aire has a history based on innovative ideas, revolutionary products, and one-of-a-kind printer applicators. Fortune 500 companies the world over choose Label-Aire for their labeling needs.

Revolutionary products begin with innovative ideas. Label-Aire has built its reputation and history on innovative ideas to satisfy the labeling demands of companies the world over. Fortune 500 companies choose Label-Aire when they need a one-of-a-kind print applicator solution.

With a versatile line of rotary and in-line print applicators designed to be cost effective and reliable for years, Label-Aire can configure a system for your specific needs. Contact your Label-Aire representative to discuss your requirements.