3111-HS (High Speed) Air-Blow Label Applicator

Item: 3111-HS


The Label-Aire® Model 3111-HS represents the pinnacle in advanced high speed air-blow pressure-sensitive labeling technology.

The Label-Aire 3111-HS “High Speed” label applicator can apply labels accurately up to a blistering 1,000 labels per minute. The 3111-HS utilizes Label-Aire’s innovative Air-Blow technology which retains the label by vacuum on a honeycomb applicator grid. At the precise moment the product passes under the grid, the label is blown onto the product. Peel tip sensing ensures repeatable label placement accuracy. The 3111-HS also features a DC Servo which allows the unit to handle up to 5,000″ (127 m) of web per minute at peak velocity.

Label-Aire’s 3111-HS offers added versatility in that it can be mounted in almost any position adjacent to the production line to apply labels to the tops, sides, or bottoms of products.

  • Automatic setup with multiple programmable label pages for easy changeovers to different label sizes.
  • Servo motor drive means unmatched speeds and increased label placement accuracy.
  • R3 digital display offers selection of five languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish), domestic or CE (European) configurations, standard/metric unit display and detailed alarm messages. Can rotate 360°.
  • Microprocessor controlled with repeatable settings ensure reliable operation.

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3111-HS (High Speed) Air-Blow Label Applicator

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