3111-TS Air-Blow Primary Applicator

Item: 3111-TS

Underneath the skin of the NEW Label-Aire® 3111-TS Air-Blow Primary Applicator is an advanced labeler that offers speed, precision, reliability, and ease of use-all the things you’ve come to expect from Label-Aire. What you get in return are lower operating costs and increased productivity for your operation.

The Label-Aire Model 3111-TS was designed for high-speed air-blow labeling applications at a standard dispense speed of up to 1,500″ (38.1 m) of web per minute or up to 2,000″ (50.8 m) with the optional powered rewind. Advanced features include Velocity Compensation for improved label placement accuracy, a microprocessor controller with digital display, and ambidextrous parts. Zero Downtime Labeling allows your production to continue without costly interruptions. Missing label compensation virtually eliminates unlabeled products. Furthermore, the 3111-TS comes standard with a heavy duty double stack stepper motor-at no extra charge. The standard 7.13″ (181 mm) wide applicator can be configured with a 4.13″ (105 mm) wide or a 7.13″ (181 mm) wide air grid. Not only can the 3111-TS be easily converted to left- or right-hand use, it can also apply labels to the top, side, or bottom of products with a label dispense accuracy of up to +/- 1/32″ (.8 mm). Adding to the 3111-TS’s versatility are the availability of tamp-blow and wipe-on conversion kits.

Like every machine we make, the Model 3111-TS Air-Blow is built to Label-Aire’s meticulous quality standards. We’re Label-Aire and we’re the labeling machinery experts. Let the 3111-TS make labeling easy for you.

3111-TS Air-Blow Advanced Features

  • Automatic setup
    Includes multiple programmable label pages for easy changeovers to different label sizes.
  • Stepper motor drive
    For precise starting/stopping, increased reliability, wider range speed variability, and lower maintenance.
  • R3 digital display
    Select from five languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish), domestic or CE (European) configurations, standard/metric unit display and detailed alarm messages.
    Can rotate 360° in 90° increments.
  • Velocity Compensation
    For improved label placement accuracy.
  • Optional quick-action collapsible rewind
    Allows easy removal of scrap liner.
  • Optional smart powered rewind
    For dynamic web tension control.
  • Air-blow applicator
    Easily adapts to tamp-blow or wipe-on use.

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