3139/3115 Pallet Labeler

Item: 2139-3115

The Challenge

A large pharmaceutical company required a labeling system to apply two separate pre-printed pressure-sensitive labels to the front side of conveyed pallets-without the utilization of two separate labelers. A heavy duty labeling system to work reliably in an industrial environment and accurately apply two labels at once was required.

The Solution

Label-Aire’s solution was to design a custom product handling system that joins a 3115 Wipe-On with a Model 3139 and its 360° vacuum drum applicator. The wipe-on unit dispenses two separate labels onto the cylindrical vacuum drum. As the pallet moves into position, the labeling system’s arm swings in front of the pallet applying the first label to the front side. Upon completion, the drum re-orients to place the second label to a pre-determined location on the side panel of the pallet. After the pallet passes through, the arm swings back to its original position to receive two more labels and is soon ready to label the next pallet. This labeling system’s label placement accuracy is within +/- 1/8″ (3.2 mm). The system is very versatile in that it can also be adapted to print-and-apply use by switching out the primary applicator with a Label-Aire printer applicator.

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3139/3115 Pallet Labeler

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