3411-HE Air-Blow Label Applicator

Item: 3411-HE

The NEW line of Label-Aire® Harsh Environment labelers are tough workhorses… built for the harshest, most demanding applications.

Our advanced harsh environment label applicator, the 3411-HE Air-Blow delivers on its promise of speed, accuracy, ease of use, and working seamlessly in cold/wet
production facilities.

With IP65 specifications as a guide, our 3411-HE label applicators offers complete protection from dust and direct water splash. The tough moisture proof enclosure protects the drive motor and pneumatic components while a fully enclosed, stainless steel water tight remote mounted electronics box keeps other vital components completely out of harm’s way. Labeling speeds up to 1,500 inches (38.1 m) of web per minute for fast and accurate labeling while advanced features that Label-Aire is known for such as Automatic Speed Following (ASF) for product surface profiling ensures wrinkle-free labeling on even the most difficult product shapes and label materials (optional encoder required). When configured for Zero Downtime Labeling, production can continue without costly interruptions while product/label queuing and missing label compensation virtually eliminate unlabeled products or missing lot and expiration codes. These features, coupled with harsh environment design and construction, ensure increased productivity and a reduction in replacement parts, respectively. These will positively affect your bottom line.

Built to our meticulous quality standards, our line of harsh environment label applicators will work for you all day, every day.

Advanced Features

  • Automatic setup: Includes multiple programmable label pagesfor easy changeovers to different label sizes.
  • Stepper motor drive: For precise starting/stopping, increased reliability, wider range speed variability, and lower maintenance.
  • R3 digital display: Select from five languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish), domestic or CE (European) configurations, standard/metric unit display and detailed alarm messages. Can optionally rotate 360° in 90° increments.
  • Automatic Speed Following (ASF): Labels are accurately applied even through extreme changes in product line speed.
  • Optional quick-action collapsible rewind: Allows easy removal of scrap liner.
  • Optional powered rewind: For dynamic web tension control.
  • Positive internal air flow: Protects electrical components.
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