Inline Series 5100 Vacuum Wrap Front/Back Labeling System

Item: IL5100VW

The Challenge

A West Coast contract brewer specializing in continental European ales required a labeling system to accurately wrap apply three decorative labels (two stacked front labels and one back label) to its tall pint glass bottles. Prior to this, each label was hand applied. The new labeling system had to work seamlessly with the customer’s printed roll stock of alternating (front/back) labels. Furthermore, high labeling speeds, label placement accuracy/orientation, and stainless steel construction for a wet production environment were all important requirements.

The Solution

Label-Aire’s solution was to configure its stainless steel/cabinet-based Inline Series 5100 labeling system with a vacuumized wrap transport belt using a single Label-Aire 3015-ND applicator. As the product sensor detects a bottle on the conveyor, properly-spaced front and back labels are dispensed onto the vacuum wrap belt and applied to the spinning bottles accurately to within +/- 1/32″ (.8 mm) maintaining proper orientation. The results are beautifully labeled bottles of ale at speeds of up to 60 products per minute. By utilizing the tough and dependable Inline Series 5100 labeling system and combining it with innovative design, Label-Aire was able to help the customer meet its labeling requirements while also eliminating the need for a second label applicator saving the customer even more money.


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Inline Series 5100 Vacuum Wrap Front/Back Labeling System

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