Inline Series 6000 Zero Downtime Labeling System

Item: IL60004zero

The Challenge

A regional automotive cleaning solution company was in need of a versatile pressure-sensitive labeling system to apply labels to its 1-gallon jugs of its private label glass and surface cleaner reliably at high speeds. The customer also required tight labeling tolerances, continuous labeling capability, and a bottle ejection system for non-labeled products-all needs that could not be fulfilled using their current labeling system from a competing manufacturer.

The Solution

Label-Aire’s custom solution was to fit two high speed 3115 Wipe-On labelers on the same side of its most popular open-frame conveyor. The result is the Inline Series 6000 Zero Downtime Labeling System. By combining Label-Aire’s legendary wipe-on labeling technology with its proven conveyor technology, a fast and reliable labeling system was created. The Inline Series 6000 Zero Downtime Labeling System easily applies labels to 1-gallon jugs at speeds up to 200 containers per minute. Utilizing a top-trap mechanism to secure the product during application, label placement accuracy of +/- 1/32″ (.8 mm) is maintained. The system’s zero downtime configuration allows uninterrupted labeling-when one applicator runs out of labels, the system automatically switches to the other and labeling continues. In the event of a jam further up the bottling line, this custom Inline 6000 also has the ability to divert bottles off the line while stopping the infeed side from feeding more bottles into the system until the line is cleared. Another feature is an auto eject system to reject unlabeled bottles.

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