Rotary Series 9000

Item: 9000-RS

The Label-Aire Rotary Series 9000 labeling system has advanced features to make labeling your products easier and faster…making you more profitable.

The Rotary Series 9000’s long list of optional features allows you to build a high-speed system to meet your specific labeling requirements. The Rotary Series 9000’s toughness, speed, and accuracy translate into lower operating costs and increased productivity for your business.

The rugged yet advanced Rotary Series 9000 was designed specifically for high-speed, high accuracy labeling applications. It is also easy to install and can operate at speeds up to 600 cpm. Configurations range from 4 to 40 stations with up to six applicators, and the machine’s small footprint allows it to slip easily into your line. The Rotary 9000’s innovative tool-less change parts mean more uptime from faster and easier change-overs. The Rotary Series 9000 can also be outfitted with Label-Aire’s full range of New Generation 3100 Series applicators allowing you to take advantage of this applicator line’s advanced features such as automatic setup for easy change-overs, Automatic Speed Following (ASF) for added label placement accuracy, and stepper motor power for wider range speed variability and lower maintenance.

Our Rotary Series 9000 labeling system applies a wide variety of labels to products in a wide variety of industries. You can count on the Label-Aire Rotary Series 9000 to give you more.

  • Applies labels to a variety of products – The 9000 can be configured to handle four panel, neck-on-oval, semi-oval, triangular, three panel, or safety seal (tamper-evident) labeling.
  • Swing arm control panel – Operator control panel mounted to 270° goose neck for easy accessibility from all sides.
  • Label-Aire New Generation 3100 Series Primary Applicators – For precise and reliable labeling with easy set-up and change-overs and quicker line speeds. Select from four advanced models: 3115 Wipe-On, 3125 Wipe-On, 3135 Wipe-On, or 3155 Wipe-On.
  • Tool-less change parts – Result in reduced downtime and simplified change-overs.
  • Product orientation – Labels are applied at precisely the same place on every container.
  • Optional airfill capability – rewind allows easy removal of scrap liner.
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