Rotary Turntable

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Label-Aire® rotary turntables make labeling even easier and faster.

Label-Aire’s line of rotary turntables are designed to increase the efficiency and throughput of your labeling system.

They can be used to unscramble or accumulate products. Unscrambling mode allows products to be loaded in mass and creates a single file queue that feeds the labeling system. Conversely, accumulation mode allows the turntable to store multiple products until they can be offloaded, packed, or continue to the next process in the line.

Our rotary turntables allow a labeling system to run much faster and more efficiently since it allows a single operator to both load and unload products without leaving the system idle.

Rotary Turntables Features

All-in-one versatility Our turntable line is available in three different table diameters featuring variable speed control.
AC variable speed drive Allows precise rotation speed adjustability.
Bi-directional control Allows turntable to either unscramble or accumulate product in a packaging line.
Tough construction Stainless steel SUS 304 construction means this unit can handle the most hostile environments.
Height-adjustable foot pads Allows turntable to precisely match the height of conveyor for seamless transitions. They are also vibration-resistant for smoother operation.
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