Sleeve Labeler

Sleeve labelers apply shrink to fit and tamper proof wrapping on bottle and other packaging. Fast, efficient, and easy to operate, a sleeve labeler system can easily apply most tamper-evident, overall-, middle-, and full-body sleeve applications.

The most common use for the shrink-to-fit labeling sleeve is to guard against product tampering. If the seal is damaged the consumer knows there is the possibility of tampering. Other uses include curvy containers which require labels to fit their form. Sleeve labelers fulfill this need, but applying an over-sized, 360 degree label sleeve over the container. Heat is applied the label causing it to shrink, fitting it exactly to the container contours.

The high quality graphics of the label wrap around the entire bottle, for enhanced visual shelf appeal. There is no glue involved in the labeling process. Sleeve labels contour the container, square, cylinder, pear shaped, the sleeve offers 360 degree labeling.

Wrap-around, or sleeve labels, are less efficient to apply than pressure-sensitive labels, and so have higher costs associated with them.

Label-Aire, known for its advanced pressure-sensitive labelers, now offers an advanced sleeve labeling solution. Our NEW Sleeve Applicator Series is a fast, efficient, and easy-to-operate shrink sleeve labeler system that handles most sleeve label applications.

If you require a special sleeve labeler for your production process, we can build it. Our versatile line of sleeve labeling equipment is designed to be cost effective and provide you with years of reliable service. All systems can be customized to suit your specific application. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

If you have a Sleeve Labeler need for your production process, we can build a labeling system to fulfill it. Label-Aire’s history is based on innovative labeling techniques, revolutionary products, and one-of-a-kind systems. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.