Label-Aire is proud to introduce the all-new Inline Series 9000, Label-Aire’s most advanced inline pressure-sensitive labeling system for your single- & multi-panel, front/back, and wrap labeling needs.
The Inline 9000’s rugged closed-frame construction is specifically designed for reliable operation in the toughest operating environments. The PLC-controlled Inline 9000 can handle a wide range of labeling applications due to its modular capability. Available are single or dual Label-Aire New Generation Wipe-On labelers that can handle a wide range of label sizes, allow fast changeovers, and offer advanced features such as Automatic Speed Following and automatic setup. Base models include aluminum extruded side plates with optional stainless steel plates. Conveyor widths come in either 4 ½” or 6” widths with a 12’ long conveyor standard. Longer conveyors are optional. Labeling speeds up to 1500 inches (3,810 cm) per minute with the Inline 9000’s standard DC motor. Speeds up to 2000 inches (5,080 cm) per minute can be attained with the optional inverter drive motor. Additional options include a choice of single, dual, or clutched feedscrews, and air-fill capability for labeling empty, thin-walled containers. The Inline 9000’s innovative Quick Change Variable Pitch Feedscrew system allows optimum production speeds, flexibility, and stability. For added versatility, the new Inline Series 9000 comes with dual multi-axis labeler adjustment mountings for horizontal, vertical, and tilt alignment to handle a variety of container shapes and sizes. A standard 270-degree user-friendly swivel display makes the Inline 9000 even easier to use.

Label-Aire’s line of labeling equipment and accessories are designed to make even the toughest applications easy. To lower your operating costs and increase your productivity, specify a Label-Aire. For more information, go to Label-Aire or call (714) 449-5155.