[vc_column width=”1/2″](Originally featured in Packaging World, December 2004.)
Four machines help Cadbury’s Aspers, PA, plant economically apply fan-folded stacked labels to nearly 13 million 1-gal PET bottles for a nationwide promotion.
A terrible experience with promotional labeling a few years ago left Cadbury Schweppes’ facilities engineer Alan Jumper skeptical about the company’s promotional plans. The company wanted to apply an eight-panel, fan-folded promotional label to the shoulder of nearly 13 million 1-gal PET bottles this past spring.

“As soon as I [described how the project would be done], everyone in production said it couldn’t happen and just wouldn’t work,” says Jumper. Preferring not to divulge the previous project’s problems, he explains, “it was not a good experience. What made it successful this time was that the machinery technology is much better today with this type of applicator.”

This time, Rye Brook, NY-based Cadbury Schweppes Americas Beverages used four Model 3111 air-blow labelers from Label-Aire.

Written by Jim Butschli, Features Editor of Packaging World Magazine.

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